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WAND PAC Supports Qualified Women Running for Congress

As a national membership organization, WAND works to increase women's political power for the purpose of reducing violence and militarism and redirecting excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs.

Comprised of WAND members, WAND PAC endorses qualified women candidates running for Congress who demonstrate a commitment to smart security polices and sound budget priorities.

WAND and WiLL have encouraged women to run for higher office for 30 years. Ours is the only political action committee committed to educating and advancing women in the arena of national security.

WAND PAC offers women candidates:

    WAND PAC gives financial contributions to women running for Congress who meet endorsement criteria.
    WAND assists candidates with information about federal policies, processes, and issues. We offer briefings with experts on a variety of national security topics.
    WAND introduces candidates to other colleague organizations in Washington, DC. and community leaders.
    WAND members volunteer in campaigns and raise money for endorsed candidates from local WAND members.
    WAND endorsements are reported in the media and given to the candidate to be included in her campaign materials.
    WAND staff members are experienced campaigners who can provide candidates with in-kind expertise.

To donate directly to WAND PAC, you must be a member of WAND. (Please visit www.wand.org from the button at left to join. Please note that political donations are not tax-deductible.) Non-WAND members are encouraged to contribute directly to our endorsed candidates here.

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